Sunday, March 29, 2009

Change Of Colour

Hubby and I have decided to repaint all the window and door frames in our home. The original colour is blue. Actually almost everything in my house is blue...I like that has a calming effect on me. My roof tiles are blue (well, they've turned gray through the years), my exterior walls are blue, my gate is blue, my kitchen tiles are blue, and the list goes on...and I've decorated my house with white and blue furniture. I even wanted blue kitchen cabinets but the contractor gave me a strange look...which made me change my mind and opt for a redwood kind of colour instead.

Through the years we've started getting rid of the blue, little by little...maybe it's age catching up...the blue which we initially loved is beginning to seem a little too cartoon-like, so a few years ago I repainted the staircase bannister a warm brown colour. We gave away our white display cabinets and bought solemn-looking wood-colour bookcases.

Now our wooden windows are starting to give way and we need to change them to aluminium ones, so we thought that this would be a good time to change the colour of the window frames as well.

I like the reddish kind of brown and hubby had to go to the hardware shop 3 times before he finally got the correct kind of paint and colour, fussy me!

Tried painting the store room door frame first. Here is the repainted door frame:

This is the original blue colour:

I will miss my blue frames...but it's time for a change. So there's lots of painting to be done in the next few days.


serm said...

Eiyerr..i like the blue 1..coz i c too much of the reddish brown 1..xP

Sunny-Cookie said...

aiyo, should have told me all painted brown already!