Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Matching Rings

For most married couples, the wedding band is worn for the first time on their wedding day and never taken off ever again...or until they put on weight and the ring doesn't fit anymore. My other half and I have this rather unusual tradition of changing our wedding rings every few years to keep up with the trend...we don't fancy wearing a wedding band with an outdated design...maybe it's our way of trying to stay young (haha)

I remember a few years ago we were at Poh Kong trying out a few wedding rings and the latest trend then was the white gold rings (which are rather common now). We asked the manager if we could trade them in after a few years and he thought that we had some screws loose in the head!

Manager: "Where got people trade in their wedding rings one?" (roughly translated from Cantonese)

We used to buy gold rings, but now stainless steel rings are in fashion and since they are so cheap we have quite a number of matching pairs.

The latest ones in our collection.

These ones are our favourite...paua shell rings bought in New Zealand for just 4 NZ dollars each (about 10 Ringgit)


ckchan7 said...

try those color changing handphone..can change least not so boring ma...and can match your

Sunny-Cookie said...

ya good idea!