Monday, April 13, 2009

Almost A Sports Car

I have always wanted to own and drive a sports car...but somehow that wish has never come true. It's not practical for a mom to have a 2-door car when I have to ferry my kids here and there everyday. So I supppose the next best thing would be to transform my little 1000cc car into a sporty car. I've changed my shock absorbers 2 months ago so that the ride is more comfortable. And I have always been very dissatisfied with my mousy-sounding car horn (it goes "beep") and yesterday I had it changed to a louder, more intimidating blare (more like: Honk! Honk! Get out of my way!)

Also changed my steering wheel...

Hmm...maybe sports rims next??


serm said... geng arr!!

Sunny-Cookie said...

no sports car just have sporty steering wheel only lor :D

xin yi said...