Monday, March 2, 2009

New Stuff For The Bed

Hubby complained that his pillow was getting soft and he was frequently waking up with a neckache. So we went shopping for a new pillow at Jusco. We looked at a number of pillows (Miss PreTeen said that looking at all those comfy pillows made her sleepy!) and after choosing one with neck support, something like a contour pillow, I decided to get one for myself too.

There's something about being among shelves and shelves of fluffy pillows, silky bedsheets and comforters...I feel like buying them all!

We also decided to change our queen-size comforter, which we bought before our wedding, to a king-sized one...since hubby and I have grown a little rounder through all these years of marriage and it's quite annoying to have the whole comforter disappear from me whenever hubby rolls over in bed! Comforters are pretty pricey nowadays...around RM700 for a decent one...managed to get one with a 70% discount.

So, a new comforter (which comes with a matching bedsheet) and 2 new pillows...I couldn't wait to go to bed! Next on the list...a new bed perhaps? XD

Next morning, I wake up with an ache...I think the new pillow is too high...I must have twisted a neck muscle while sleeping...ouch!

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