Thursday, November 12, 2009

Anyone Know What This Is?

My friend MK gave me a jar of this live culture drink she got from her dad in Ipoh. It seems that it's very much like the fruit enzyme drink that I make except that the fermentation process takes only 24 hours compared to the 3 weeks needed for the enzyme drink. MK doesn't know what it's called and neither does her dad, but they know that it's good for health.

Don't know what this spongey stuff is, but it's alive and will multiply when water and black sugar is added to it.

Black sugar...the kind used when we boil herbal tea (the leong cha that the Chinese drink to 'cool' the body)

Lots of bubbles appear after 24 hours.

According to MK, this is the process:

1) Pour the live spongey stuff into a plastic sieve and rinse it under the tap until the colour fades to a very light brown.

2) Spoon the spongey stuff into a clean glass jar.

3) Add black sugar according to this ratio 2:1, that is 2 spoonfuls of spongey stuff to 1 spoonful of sugar.

4) Add water according to taste, less water means stronger taste.

5) Leave uncovered for 24 hours. (I covered it with my sieve so that I wouldn't find an insect floating in it!)

Note: Do NOT allow metal to come into contact with the spongey stuff or it will die.

Can anyone tell me what the spongey stuff is and what this drink is called? By the way, it tastes good...a little like red wine (no kidding!)


Anonymous said...

Been enjoying your Blogs about the enzymes - thank you. Glad I can return the favour by telling you what that stuff is... it is "water kefir grains". Good stuff. Google "water kefir grains" and you'll see that it really is that and you'll learn more about it. It makes a great & healthy soda pop when I used to make it (I lost my culture long ago). Enjoy!

Love from Canada

Sunny-Cookie said...

Thanks, glad you enjoy reading about the enzymes. I lost my culture a few months back, though.