Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Igudesman & Joo in KL


I have been a big fan of Igudesman and Joo ever since I saw their videos on YouTube. They are a musical duo from Germany and their specialty is combining comedy with classical music. They are very popular in Europe and I had often wished that they would come to Asia. So when I got news at the end of September that they were scheduled to perform at the Dewan Philharmonic in November I quickly booked tickets through a church friend who was also very keen to go.

I showed CoolTeen one of the Igudesman & Joo videos on YouTube and he decided that he would go too, much to my surprise, because the dress code for the performances at the Dewan Philharmonic is formal wear...and CoolTeen is always in his T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. So we had to borrow a coat, trousers and leather shoes from hubby's brother. It was only just before we entered the concert hall that we found out the dress code is smart casual for this performance...oops!

They had 2 different performances, but I decided to go for "A Little Nightmare Music". Aleksey Igudesman is a great violinist and Richard Joo a fantastic pianist. Together they are just absolutely hilarious. You wouldn't think that a violin could sound like a cow mooing, a race car or even someone snoring until you watch them perform. My kids enjoyed themselves tremendously and hopefully they get inspired to practice more on the piano!

Even though the tickets were rather pricey for the 4 of us, the 1½ hour performance was worth every Ringgit we spent, and time flew by so fast that it was over before we knew it...and everyone in the audience wanted more.

autograph session after the show

people lining up to get their autograph...the queue was really long


v.ania. said...

wow! you got a clear shot of them!

Sunny-Cookie said...

this is the only one that's clear, the rest were rather blur because we zoomed in from such a distance

v a n i a said...

I was standing six feet away from them and ALL the pictures I took were blur thanks to my 3.2px camera phone! XD

Sunny-Cookie said...

we have the same phone,remember?that's why i didn't use it that night,mike used his camera instead :D

Phoebeeeee said...

cool! when I saw that they were performing i was hoping I could go, but then im not in KL d :( I remember watching the video posted here and it was really funny! :)

Sunny-Cookie said...

you can watch on YouTube most of what they do in their shows,but try to catch their live performance if they do come to m'sia again :D

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sunny Cookie, hmmm, I must check this out. Looks or sounds interesting.
Always happy to know of people who appreciate good music.
Have fun and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

Sunny-Cookie said...

Hello Uncle Lee,welcome to my blog. Glad that you appreciate good music too.