Monday, October 25, 2010

My New Buddy

Hubby was so sweet to get me this a few weeks ago...

It's a mini version of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 touch-screen phone. The reviews on the internet for this model is quite good and I love that it is only slightly larger than a credit card and hardly takes up much space in my very cluttered handbag (a mom always carries everything in her handbag...including safety pins, plasters, Panadol/Actal, sewing kit, nail-clipper, measuring tape...just in case someone needs them).

It runs on Android which means that I have access to a very large variety of free downloads - wallpapers, ringtones, games and apps. And I have discovered the convenience of...WiFi! Now I can just find a place with free WiFi, order a drink or dessert, and surf to my heart's content while waiting for my kids to finish their  classes....instead of sitting in the car deleting old SMSes or photos from my phone like what I used to do while waiting.

The only thing that needed a little getting used to is the virtual keypad. It takes me such a long time to type a simple SMS because I keep tapping the wrong keys depending on the angle my finger comes into contact with the screen. Like what my older brother said when he first got his I Pad and tried to type, "The back key is the one most often used"...!

Like all phones, the X10 mini has its not being able to pair with another device using bluetooth unless the other device runs on Android too, not being able to 'send contact' and that you need a very steady hand to capture clear photos but with a little bit of research on the internet someone always has a solution.

And to think that all I wanted from a phone is to be able to make/receive calls, send/receive SMSes and take good photos...I now have a virtual piano, a guitar tuner, loads of lovely wallpapers, a very funny ringtone, some cool games and even a Bible in my phone...the many functions on this little cutey has far exceeded my expectations (big grins).


YuinTing said...

Those items you mentioned cannot be found in my bag. Wow! You are a very kind and caring mom.

shi-ern said...

Do you seriously carry all those stuff in your bag? And I thought *my* bag is cluttered, what with my iPod, lip balm, lotion and recently, umbrella, warm water, assault alarm, scarf and gloves. Why do you need a measuring tape?? :S

Sunny-Cookie said...

Thanks for the compliment. Maybe I am just a paranoid mom and I need to always have everything in my bag...well, just in case :)

Yes, and there's also my compact powder, lipsticks, comb, hand sanitiser, mini notebook and mints...haha!The measuring tape is actually a keychain souvenir that I bought in NZ because it was so unique, and it comes in handy especially when I buy furniture (not that I do it often!) :D