Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Change Of Colour

Went to buy PreTeen's new school uniform after dinner today. Thought I'd better get it early because I remember at the end of December before CoolTeen started Form 1 I had a difficult time buying his secondary school uniform because most of the sizes were already sold out.

My girl will be wearing a new colour more dark blue pinafore but a light blue one. She looked so grown up when she tried on her new uniform at the store and there were only a few more sets of her size left. She even got a baju kurung set, and giggled when she tried it on because she had never worn a baju kurung before. I made sure it wasn't too long so that she wouldn't trip over her skirt in school...or she will never wear it again (teenagers being so easily embarassed and all)


shi-ern said...

Baju kurung is such a comfy school uniform!! The best thing? Being able to sit in a non-feminine way. xP

Sunny-Cookie said...

That's why Stef likes it too! :D