Thursday, November 25, 2010

Things That Bring A Smile

Am recovering well but not without the usual post-surgery discomforts like backache if I sit for too long or stomach gas causing my abdomen to bloat up every once in a while. Insomnia was a problem for the first week but the thing that got me worried was having my hair fall out without me even touching it. CoolTeen, who helped to sweep the floor, kept complaining about finding hair all over the place...specifically my hair.

So I'm really glad to have stumbled upon this website HysterSisters that has a wealth of information about hysterectomy and from there I found out that all the backache, wind in the tummy and hair-fall is actually quite common to those who have undergone surgery...phew!

Time seems to pass by painfully slow now that I am stuck at home but people have been so thoughtful and I can't help but smile when I see these...

A 'Get Well Soon' card signed by the Techflow committee, university students
Cupcakes from a nearby bakery...I always love pretty cupcakes!
I'm beginning to get addicted to these sour sweets :D
Pillow chosen by my daughter for me to use to support my abdomen and lessen the pain when I get up from the bed or sofa.

Gifts brought by family and friends. I now have enough Essence of Chicken to last me the whole of next year!

And of course, PreTeen says this little 15cm Teddy bear keeps me company when hubby and kids need to go out for a while and I'm all alone at home.
  And not to mention my mum-in-law's yummy chicken soup and the fact that my hair has stopped falling (big smiles).


Phoebeeeee said...

Hi! Just read about your surgery...get well soon :)

Sunny-Cookie said...

Thanks, am recovering well. I have been following your travels on fb, lovely pics :D

Phoebeeeee said...

hehe thanks...more to come :)