Monday, December 6, 2010

3 Weeks Post-Op

It's been exactly 3 weeks since my surgery and I have been enjoying the total rest from housework except for some simple cooking. We tried a home food delivery service for a week and decided that we didn't enjoy their style of cooking. So I am now queen of my kitchen once more, with a little help from Ms PreTeen.

The kids have been very helpful around the house...they can wash and dry the dishes, mop the floor and wash the toilet, PreTeen tried ironing for the first time last week (thankfully she didn't burn a hole in her skirt!) and she can cook rice and do laundry.

To show my appreciation for all their help (while I lay on the sofa and watch TV), I thought I would order fastfood delivery once in a while as a treat. There is a McD's very close to my place and I called the toll-free 1300 number to place my orders but was told that there is no delivery service from that outlet (which I later found out to be untrue) so I looked up the internet and found that the Kenny Rogers' Roasters nearby did deliver, and the food came all neatly packed, warm and smelling great!

I have also gone for short shopping trips to the nearby shopping mall...PreTeen says I need the exercise but the real reason is so that she could go shopping too :D
Hubby's car is rather tall and I cannot climb up into the passenger seat because my abdomen muscles are still healing, so he came up with this idea...

...a 'royal footstool' for the 'queen'...(haha)...

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