Monday, December 20, 2010

Had A Great Week

Now that I am mobile again the first thing I did was...yup...go shopping! Went to MidValley Megamall the other day and this year's Christmas decor is absolutely gorgeous because I have a soft spot for soft toys...

I heart those giant teddy bears!

Also went for our 3 day-2 nite church camp in the little town of Kampar where storks (or flamingos, not quite sure which, because we only saw them from afar) can be seen hunting for fish in the lake. Stayed at the Grand Kampar Hotel.

The day that we arrived back in KL, someone dropped by with this....

...and it really made my day. These mini cupcakes are from Wondermilk Cafe and they are just heavenly...the cupcake is so small that I could finish it in 2 delicious bites!

Christmas is just 5 days away...looking forward to it!

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