Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Belated Birthday Treat

Hubby usually takes me out on my birthday for breakfast or lunch (without the kids, of course!) but this year he had auditors coming to his office on the day of my birthday so we postponed our 'pak tor' session to the following week instead.

A friend had told me about this pastry place called Levain at Jalan Delima in KL, somewhere behind the Indonesian Embassy so we decided to go there for brunch. This time we had a little 'spotlight' (in the form of SweetTeen) coming along since she is in the afternoon school session and would be rather disappointed to be left at home alone.

The place has a nice cosy ambience and the breads and pastries looked really appetizing. Each of us selected 2 kinds of pastries that we could share among the 3 of us and sat down with a drink to enjoy our feast. The strawberry tart was really good but SweetTeen had trouble finishing her very rich chocolate eclair and mango cheese tart. The place is famous for their macarons (which they spell as 'macaroons'), a meringue-like pastry filled with cream but I settled for a small packet of the meringue shells without the cream filling since it was rather planning to bake my own macarons at home :)

We were glad that we arrived at around 10am after battling the morning traffic because a little after that the place started filling up with customers and by the time we left at about 11am there was no more available parking space.

After dropping off SweetTeen at school and fetching CoolTeen home, we headed to 1 Utama shopping mall because I had read about cash-free shopping there using the Maybankard Treats Points (points collected from use of the credit card). I was disappointed that the shops where we had wanted to buy stuff were not participating outlets of this scheme. At least we could exchange our Treats Points for some Jusco vouchers, so those points came in handy after all.

Had a great day thanks to my sweetheart and by nightfall I was really tired out...fell asleep way before anyone else, which is a rare occurrence since I am usually the last person in our household to go to bed every night...

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