Saturday, April 16, 2011

Many Happy Returns

Celebrated my birthday on Monday. Nowadays children are so computer-savvy...this year my kids wished me "Happy Birthday" using Facebook.

I was also pleasantly surprised and touched by all the birthday wishes on my Facebook page from family and friends, both near and far, throughout the day and even into the next day. It's feels good to be remembered :)

Although I felt it was unnecessary, SweetTeen insisted that her daddy drop by the bakery and buy mommy a birthday cake on his way home from work so that we could have the mandatory candle-blowing, cake-cutting session...

Ok, so now the secret is out...that's how old I am, or as my sis-in-law so sweetly put it, how 'young' I am.
Have lived about half my life and feeling very blessed indeed :)


YuinTing said...

Happy belated birthday to you!!!

Hey, we're the same age! Just you're a few months...mmm... ahem.... "wiser" :D

Sunny-Cookie said...

Thanks, Yuin Ting! I thought you were younger than me by a year, and yes, 'wiser' sounds so much better, haha.