Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Rather Eventful Week

Last Saturday my kids went to visit the floating bookstore, Logos Hope, at Port Klang with the youngsters from our church. I didn't go along because it was an outing for the youths, and sad to admit, I do not qualify as a youth any more.

SweetTeen got herself a bracelet and found a cookbook for me to add to my collection of cookbooks :)

My treasured collection of cookbooks and recipes
One evening a few days later, hubby and I were downstairs when we were startled by a LOUD crashing sound. Both of us ran upstairs to find our kids looking quite shocked and standing very still. It seems that they were playfully pushing each other around when CoolTeen knocked into the display cabinet. Thank God for His protection, no one got hurt...not even a tiny little cut or scratch!

The glass piece on the door of the display cabinet had broken into large sharp pieces (should have fitted it with tempered glass instead) and it was quite a task cleaning up. Hubby had to place the large pieces between sheets of newspaper and shatter them with a hammer so that they could be wrapped in more newspaper and fit into the plastic garbage bag for disposal. The neighbours must be wondering what we were up to, smashing glass so late at night!

Large pieces of glass that fell from the cabinet door

Shattered pieces 
We didn't have many glass cabinets or glass tables in our home when the children were younger, but now that they are older we thought that it would be allright, but who knew....


YuinTing said...

Those shattered glasses are pretty scary. I've thought of buying one glass cabinet from Ikea... but now I've decided to delay my plan...until my kids are adults... but then i may already have grandchildren .... then I have to delay further.... ha ha

Sunny-Cookie said...

YuinTing: Haha, seems like there's never a good time to buy a glass cabinet!

reanaclaire said...

Last time when my son was two or 3 years old, he sat on a coffee glass table and it broke! Thank God he was not hurt too! After that, he dare not sit on the coffee table anymore... so the other 2 tables are still safe until today... that is nearly 18 years back.. hahaa..

Sunny-Cookie said...

Hi Reanaclaire,
Glad that your son didn't get hurt. I think my kids have learnt their lesson from this incident, so hopefully we won't need to replace any more broken things around the house! :)