Monday, December 31, 2012

A Wonderful Christmas

This year, SweetTeen insisted that we put up the
Christmas tree. Last year we just had very simple
Christmas decoration in our home.
It has been a very enjoyable Christmas week spent with family. My parents-in-law, hubby's sis plus hubby's brother and family came over for dinner on Christmas day. 

This year I tried my hand at roasting a turkey. I searched the internet for the proper way to do it and the result was quite good judging from the comments by my family members. Hubby learnt how to carve the turkey from YouTube....ahhh, the wonders of the internet!

The turkey came out nice and brown :)
Notice the iPad in the background?
Hubby was watching the step-by-step
video on how to carve a turkey.

Turkey...all carved up and ready to serve.
Our Christmas dinner. I over-estimated the food
and we still have leftovers in the fridge until today!
After dinner it's gift-opening time! I know
we're supposed to open them on 'Boxing Day'
but try to tell that to the very excited kids!
These are some of my presents..notice the
colour scheme? Pretty pastels!
 I suppose it's too late to wish everyone a 'Merry Christmas', so I'll wish you joy and good health in the coming year. May all your wishes come true. 

Happy New Year, everyone!!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi, I sure love that turkey!
Wishing you and family a very happy new year and all best wishes.
Keep a song in your heart.

Sunny-Cookie said...

Hi Uncle Lee,

Thanks, and Happy New Year to you too!