Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sleeping Positions, Slipper Positions

Some time ago I read an article about sleeping positions and how it correlates to our personality and also how it affects our health. Since hubby has been complaining about me waking him up with my snoring lately, I decided to look it up on the internet and see whether there's anything I could do to stop my nocturnal symphony.

What I found out about sleeping positions is quite fascinating. A professor by the name of Chris Idzikowski did a study on 1,000 participants and he discovered that there are 6 major positions:

Since I am no expert in sleeping positions, perhaps you could read the details in the article here. All I know is that I usually fall asleep in the 'Yearner' position and wake up in the 'Starfish' position, so does that mean I have a spilt personality? (haha) Actually it only shows why I start snoring in the middle of the night. Now if only I could somehow do it the reverse way, I think my problem would be solved!

Anyway, now that there seems to be a correlation between our personalities and what we do, I'm curious to about the way we take off our slippers when we arrive home?

The red slippers are mine and the pink ones
belong to my daughter, SweetTeen.
This is how we leave our slippers when
we come home.
This is how my son, CoolTeen always
leaves his slippers when
he comes home...!
Perhaps I should do a study on this will be called 'Slipper Positions'!

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