Thursday, December 13, 2012

Got Me An Ice Cream Maker

A few weeks ago, Hubby was browsing the Groupon Malaysia site (in case you're unfamiliar with Groupon, there are some details here.) when he came across an offer for an ice cream maker for RM189, about RM100 off the original price. I have been looking for an ice cream maker since my daughter, SweetTeen, and I fell in love with the very tasty but costly frozen yoghurt from Tutti Frutti and Moo Cow. I figured that it would be much easier on the wallet if I could make my own frozen yoghurt. 

So far I found 2 places that had ice cream makers for sale - Aeon (formerly known as Jusco) and Harvey Norman's. The Kenwood one at Aeon cost around RM230 but was perpetually out of stock and the display set was not in working condition. The De'Longhi one at Harvey Norman's was out of my budget, at around RM1000+.

The Groupon offer was really tempting although I had never heard of that brand and I wasn't sure if we could trust the company to deliver the goods once we pay up, but some friends who had purchased coupons from the Groupon website assured us that the offers are genuine.

So hubby ordered and paid online, and 2 weeks later the parcel arrived (hurray!).

My 'TING' ice cream's actually TWO mini
ice cream machines with 2 separate motors

Churning my first batch of frozen yoghurt
ice cream
Realized that I can't just churn plain yoghurt
with strawberries to make frozen yoghurt
ice cream or else it will just turn out like this...
strawberry milk shake!
Need to add some cream as a base.
The mango yoghurt ice cream turned out better :)
I tried using heavy cream for my chocolate ice cream
but it turned out too rich for my taste. Also not
good for my waistline.
The green tea ice cream had the best texture...
I made custard using milk, sugar and custard powder
and added green tea powder. Pour into the ice cream machine,
churn for an hour, then freeze for 3 hours...yum!


YuinTing said...

What a sweet and lovely new toy for christmas!
Very soon there will be a new brand in the market - the "Sunny-cookie ice cream", ha ha!

Sunny-Cookie said...

Thanks, I'm enjoying my new toy. If I ever produce my own ice-cream brand you'll be the first to know and taste!

mywaysolution said...

i've bought the TING ice cream maker fro groupon too. but unfortunately i've lost the recipe, Please if you dont mind to send me the recipe to my email at Really really appreciated! thank you very much.

Sunny-Cookie said...

I've scanned and sent it to your email :)