Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pics Of The Week

Just want to share some amusing photos...things I saw around town and at home.
Firstly, there was this Lexus that tried to
take a shortcut down a flight of stairs!
Well, it's 'Malaysia Boleh'...anything goes
in Malaysia, right?
Too bad the words in red didn't show up well
in the photo. It says:
...a little obscene if you ask me!
Our master bathroom tap came loose and
water started leaking from the sides
whenever the tap was turned on, so hubby and I
went to the bathroom supplies shop to buy a new tap
and he takes out his phone to see the photo that he
had taken and edited...the precision of an engineer!
Ok, this wasn't amusing to me but my kids
thought it was rather funny...they were sitting
on CoolTeen's bed one evening with SweetTeen
strumming the guitar and the bed broke...
the side wooden piece split into two!

So off we go to buy a new bed, sigh.

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