Thursday, April 4, 2013

Having Fun With Cute Lunch

I notice that I've been posting a lot about food lately, so do pardon me as I put up yet another post about food. 

Hubby brings his own lunch to office 4 days a week, as a healthier alternative to 'outside' food and also because he dreaded having to drive out in search of food during lunch hour when the weather is really hot. He has a really long lunch break on Fridays, so he eats out with colleagues or friends.

I have been packing sandwiches for him for the past year. 
At first he said, "I can eat sandwiches every day" .
Then it became "I wouldn't mind eating something else other than sandwiches". 
Finally he said, "I don't like plain sandwiches". 

So after a few months of packing shepherd's pie, pasta, hotdogs and whatever else I could prepare in the early morning rush, I saw some photos on the internet that gave me some ideas on how to make lunch more interesting.

Presenting... (drumroll)...Bento lunch!

It started with 2 simple ham sandwiches
and some nori seaweed
The next day, I added some hair made of cheese
and eyes cut out of ham and seaweed
A big hint to hubby that I wouldn't mind
a new set of wheels
Baked pasta with hardboiled eggs
Baked pasta with heart shaped sausages
Smiley ham and cheese sandwiches
 Ham sandwiches looking rather confused. 
My tools: nori punch, cutters and tweezers
Needless to say, it brightened up hubby's lunch time in the office :)

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