Sunday, June 30, 2013

Photography Class

Hubby bought himself a new toy at the end of last year, a Sony NEX-6 dslr camera and had been attending the free photography classes organized by Sony to learn how to use his camera.

A few weeks ago, he was checking the Sony website and found that this month's class was about photographing food. Since I'm a blogger I thought it would be good for me to tag along and see how I can improve in taking photos of the food that I want to post up on my blog.

The venue was Haikara Cafe in Subang Jaya, near Subang Parade. Our instructor for the day was Mun Ho, a professional photographer.

Our instructor
There were about 12 of us, mostly couples and everyone had their own dslr camera...except me. I figured that I would just learn about the photography angles and hubby could learn more about using his camera. Oh, and we were the oldest couple there; most of the others look like they were in their early thirties.
Using white paper, aluminium foil or even
a white paper napkin to reflect light onto
the parts where there is shadow
The food looked really delicious and most of the time I was waiting for each session to end so that we could taste the yummy food (yup, the food was cool is that for a free class!)

First came the salads and main meals....

This is how I would usually take a photo of
something delicious
...and this is how we can make the food
look even more mouth-watering!
Everyone busy taking close-ups of the dishes

Then came the desserts....

I could hardly wait to taste this!

Photos taken by hubby...not bad eh? Looks kind of professional. 

The instructor showed us how the shots would
look on the laptop since the camera lcd screen
is rather small
Hubby taking aim at a piece of cake...
and me? as usual, standing behind him giving
instructions ~ "a bit more to the left, 
zoom in a little, no no focus on that grape..."
bla, bla, bla...
The instructor was good and everyone picked up a lot of little tips on how to maximize the functions on the camera to take that 'perfect shot'. For me, it was a little too technical and this aunty was quite clueless most of the time when it came to ISO settings, shutter speed and aper-what?? However, what I learnt was how amazing and complicated our eyes are, and how the camera cannot fully capture the images that we can see.

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