Tuesday, June 18, 2013

R & R in Pangkor

 During the midterm school holidays we went on a much needed vacation to the beautiful island of Pangkor. We have fond memories of the last time we were there 7 years ago with our kids.

This time we travelled with some church friends, a newly married young couple . We decided to be a little more adventurous and took the trunk road instead of the highway, stopping every now and then to indulge in the favourite Malaysian pastime ~ eating.

We set out at 9am, and our first stop was Kedai Kopi Shin Lok in Jeram which is famous for it's fresh pau and yam puff (woo kok).

This is so unbelievably yummy even though
I'm not a fan of yam
Then we travelled up to Teluk Intan for Rojak Ah Chai which is located near the wet market. 

Despite all the good reviews on the internet
we found it so-so.
Finally made it to the Lumut jetty at around 2pm, parked, bought tickets and had a quick lunch of KFC before boarding the hotel ferry at 3.45pm. 

We all know sand-art. Heard of fly-art?
It's just sticky fly paper stuck to the wall
of the ferry...with lots of flies stuck to it!
Stayed at the Pangkor Island Beach Resort, formerly known as Pan Pacific. It's pretty much like a back-to-nature kind of place surrounded by lush forest with close up views of peacocks and monitor lizards that walk about the resort grounds, hornbills that fly about from tree to tree and monkeys that hang around the balconies on the lookout for food left out in the open.

Peacock that made itself very at home
on our balcony railing, hence the close-up shot
Monkey stealing snacks from the room next door
because they forgot to lock their balcony door!
Tiger toy placed on roof to scare away the monkeys,
not sure whether it's effective or not.
We took to the beach on the morning of day 2. The weather was absolutely perfect, slightly cloudy with just the right amount of sun so that we didn't get toasted. CoolTeen and SweetTeen went kayakking and saw some very large jellyfish through the crystal clear waters.

In the afternoon we did some archery where I found out that I have very poor aiming skills (fortunately I didn't accidentally shoot a peacock or monkey!). The wind was rather strong, so hubby and our friend had a fun time flying kites that we had brought along.

Our kite soaring high in the sky :)
We went to Pangkor town for dinner, at a restaurant recommended by a friend whose husband's hometown is in Pangkor itself. Taxi to anywhere in town is a standard rate of RM6 per person. 

Dinner here on day 1
Dinner here on day 2. Food was good
I must say that I looked forward to the daily hotel breakfast buffet, which had such a large variety of food, both Eastern and Western. 

The morning we spent some time taking photos on the beach before checking out at 12noon. 
Lovely rainbow in the sky after a slight drizzle
Headed to Sitiawan for lunch at a famous restaurant, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone because of the poor level of hygiene observed.

Then it was off to visit Kellie's Castle, an unfinished castle near Batu Gajah. Entrance fee is RM5. CoolTeen was hoping to spot some paranormal activity but everything seemed calm and peaceful.

Reached KL around 7pm and had claypot chicken rice for dinner at Heun Kee. We had to queue but it was worth the wait as my family loves claypot chicken rice and this is one of the best in the city.

It was a relaxing and unhurried vacation, truly what we needed to recharge our batteries before going back to our very busy daily routine.

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