Saturday, June 1, 2013

Removing Some Wisdom (Teeth)

My son complained of discomfort in his jaw, so I took him to the dentist. I'm glad he takes good care of his teeth because the last time he went to the dentist was 9 years ago, when he was 10 years old.

The dentist took a look at his teeth, shook his head and gave us the news...all 4 of my son's wisdom teeth were coming out all at once!

X-Ray of CoolTeen's teeth
From the x-ray, the dentist explained that the 4 wisdom teeth were pushing  his other teeth out of alignment. CoolTeen said that he wanted to wear braces to straighten his teeth and so the dentist recommended the extraction of all the wisdom teeth because there was not enough space in his jaw for all his teeth.

So an appointment was made and on Wednesday I brought him for his tooth surgery...he had 2 teeth taken out at once. The surgery took about 1.5 hours because it involved cutting the lower left tooth in half and removing it a piece at a time in order not to damage the nerves which were lying very close to the tooth. The upper left tooth was much easier to extract. Then it was antibiotics   for a week and pain medication whenever needed....and also soft food (which CoolTeen really dislikes. He's a meat-loving guy!) 

The dreaded dentist's chair!
Need to sign consent form
In a month's time I'll bring him to the dentist again to remove the other 2 teeth...not a nice way to spend my time but like what my fellow blogger Yuin Ting says - we need to fix our 'production defects'.

The first thing hubby said to CoolTeen when he got home from work was, "So you lost some of your wisdom?" As expected, CoolTeen with his swollen jaw didn't think it was very funny!


YuinTing said...

Ouch........4 wisdom teeth extracted at the same time..CoolTeen is very brave & cool indeed! I'm sure he feels so relieved now.

Ha ha, you quoted "Production Defects". Actually that term was given by my hubby (He was an engineer before). I remember when i was pregnant with my eldest kid, he only started reading my maternity book when I was having labour pain, and he jokingly said engineers only refer to manual when got problem, ha ha!

Sunny-Cookie said...

No,no, not 4 all at once...that would be rather traumatic!It's 2 at a time, the other 2 will be extracted next month.
Yes, that's what engineers do, and what a coincidence, my husband is an engineer too ;)