Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fun in Kuantan

Went for a 3 day 2 night holiday in Kuantan on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, all 7 of us in 1 car...hubby, our 2 kids, parents-in-law and hubby's sis.

Left KL about 10.30 am and arrived in Kuantan for lunch. Most of the Chinese restaurants and coffe shops were still closed for the Chinese New Year, so we ended up at the place we KL folks are most familar with...a fastfood outlet at a shopping mall. Ate at the KFC in Berjaya Megamall.

Discovered a lovely recreational park called Taman Gelora, within walking distance of where we were staying. It is a park with a lake situated beside the sea, so the cool sea breeze was a welcome change from the heat we had been experiencing in KL. It has a jogging track, exercise equipment, some tennis courts, a children's playground and ponds full of water lilies. There are also lots of very large trees that provided shade from the sun...really a lovely place for the family.

For dinner we went to a halal Chinese seafood restaurant called Pak Su, which is rather popular, judging from the crowd. The food is nice...and we were so hungry that we gobbled it all up before remembering to take photos of it for my blog.

After dinner we went to the pasar malam at Teluk Chempedak beach. I am not a fan of Crocs but I couldn't resist this cute pair...nowadays it's getting more and more difficult to tell the imitation Crocs from the genuine ones. Bought it for RM25.

The next day we went to the East Coast Mall for a bit of shoppping. I managed to get some good bargains because of the sale...a pair of jeans for RM20 plus (original price RM109), 2 branded T-shirts for RM40 plus and a dress for RM25 (big grins). Went back to Berjaya Megamall for some bowling fun. We bowled 'so well' that the machine overheated (twice!) and after waiting a long while for the technicians to do repairs, we were allowed to change lanes and start over!

The following day we had a simple breakfast of eggtarts and char siew pau that we bought from a mobile bakery (a van with 2 built-in gas ovens!) and left for a 1-night stay at Genting View Resort.


v a n i a said...

Your crocs are exactly like mine, minus the betty boop thingy. :D

Sunny-Cookie said...

It was the betty boop thingy that caught my eye, and they also had it in black but the white pair is much cuter :)