Monday, February 8, 2010

In The Mood To Bake

I haven't been baking Chinese New Year cookies for a few years now. Every year I would just buy them from the supermarket or order them through my mom-in-law who knows some ladies selling homemade cookies. The other day I checked the prices of cookies and everything costs a few Ringgit more than they did last year...a medium sized container of pineapple jam tarts now costs I thought why not save some money and bake some myself instead.

I dug out my trusty ol' cookbook from the shelf, looked up the pineapple tart recipe and set off to buy the ingredients. When hubby came home that day, Miss PreTeen told him that mommy bought a gigantic pineapple. Yes, I was going to make my tarts from using the pre-made pineapple paste that are widely sold in the supermarkets and bake-ware shops! (so ambitous of me!)

After slaving over the stove for about an hour stirring and stirring the pineapple puree and sugar until my arm ached...I now remember why I had not baked pineapple jam tart in years....

Roped in Miss PreTeen to help me with the dough, which she gladly did...all the while sniffing the freshly made pineapple jam and commenting how great it smelled. As soon as the tarts were out of the oven, she was only too eager to take a bite.

Looks like my tarts will not last till Chinese New Year...hubby and PreTeen have been munching them....

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