Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Simple Birthday Celebration

Celebrated CoolTeen's birthday on Sunday although the actual day is today. To celebrate our kids' birthdays we usually take them out to eat at a fancy restaurant and throughout the years they have always had Western cuisine. CoolTeen loves chicken chop but PreTeen is more of a Fish 'n' Chips kind of girl.

So this year we asked CoolTeen where he wanted to go, and we were rather taken aback with his reply...


That place can be rather crowded during dinner so we made reservations for 8 pax as we usually invite hubby's parents and siblings along. The waiter was rather perplexed because I don't think many people make reservations before turning up...it's like making dinner reservations at McDonald's or KFC...!


We asked CoolTeen why he chose that place...he said he could have chicken rice (!) and order a few of his favourite ice-blended chocolate drinks. The drinks are rather pricey so whenever we go there he usually gets to order only 1 drink but because this was a special occasion he could have as many drinks as he liked. Hmmm...glad to know he is using his logic and reasoning skills. (I think maybe he didn't enjoy all the attention when the waiters/waitresses came to sing him a birthday song at the Roadhouse Grill last year)

We like the food at Pappa Rich, so we didn't mind at all and it was also easier on the wallet compared to the restaurants that we usually celebrate birthdays in.

What is a birthday celebration without a birthday cake? So after dinner we adjourned to our place for the mandatory candle-blowing and cake-cutting session. I had bought his favourite chocolate cake from Chocolate World in Ikano Power Centre (it's really good) and was planning to bring it to a nearby bakery for frosting, but being busy throughout the week I had totally forgotten about it! So I had to make do with just candles and a little plastic "Happy Birthday" sign, but CoolTeen didn't mind (phew!)


Can't believe that in a year or two hubby and I will be entering the next phase of parenthood...sitting in the car beside our teenage kid as he drives...Scary!


YuinTing Chin said...

Wishing Cool Teen a happy birthday!

Sunny-Cookie said...

Yuin Ting, thanks :)