Sunday, March 7, 2010

Where Have My Babies Gone?

Miss PreTeen celebrated her 12th birthday 2 weeks ago, and she told me that very soon I would not be able to refer to her as PreTeen in my blog. She suggested PrettyTeen since I refer to her brother as CoolTeen.

It seems like only yesterday when I became a mom, how I enjoyed confinement food, how when I first bathed my new baby I gripped his little armed so tightly that it turned blue ...for fear of dropping him into the water in the baby bathtub, how I stayed awake on nights when either of my kids had fever, how excited hubby and I were when baby started to call us 'mama' and 'papa'....

In 2 weeks' time we will be celebrating CoolTeen's birthday.

My babies have both grown so much. Even PreTeen is a little taller than me now...or so she says. As long as I have high heels, I can still be taller than her...but not for very long...looks like very soon I'll be the shortest in our family :(


valerie said...

wish Preteen happy bday on my behalf!! :)

YuinTing Chin said...

Lovely! You girl's idea is good. PrettyTeen sounds nice and appropriate. Time flies! My son is already in the CoolTeen category too! This October he'll turn 13. How should I call him? PG13?

Sunny-Cookie said...

Hi Val,
I will,,thanks!

Hi Yuin Ting,
Haha...not sure whether he'll appreciate that!