Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Flexing Some Brain Muscles

I was shopping with Miss PreTeen when we came across some interesting-looking metal puzzles. They seemed quite easy to solve so I got a box for PreTeen. After all, these puzzles are supposed to be good exercise for the brain. Besides, this is a kid's toy so how difficult would it be?

Well...much more difficult than I thought!
As usual, the intructions were of not much help at all. So we had to try and solve them on our own. All 4 of us tried...without much success at first, then I managed to solve the easiest one.
So after a few days of frustration...I decided to look for the solution on the internet. Found a few video clips on YouTube for this one...

And finally...after many, many tries...hubby solved one more and tonight I solved the last one...voila!

At least I'm relieved that our gray matter has not deteriorated too much with age...phew!
(btw, the kids are still struggling with the puzzles...!)


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sunny Cookie, I have always enjoyed fooling around with these puzzles as it helps exercise my rusty brain. However it is that Rubic cube that I still fail to put back together....and not for trying either.

Sometimes I'll have a puzzle in my pocket to keep myself occupied when at a mall sitting on a bench while waiting for my wife browsing in a shoe store.
And you know what women are like when seeing shoes on special offer, ha ha.
Have a pleasant week, and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Sunny-Cookie said...

Hi Uncle Lee,

Yes, that Rubic cube is quite a challenge!

My spouse and kids know too well what women are like when seeing shoes on offer - they always try to steer me away from shoe stores whenever we go to the mall, haha!