Saturday, June 5, 2010

Family Day Out

Today being a public holiday, we decided to do what many other urban families would do...go shopping! CoolTeen wasn't at all keen to come along with us but his rubber flip-flops was totally worn out and finally the strap gave way this morning when hubby took the kids out for breakfast.

CoolTeen is a person who is most comfortable with order and routine. He could have the same food every day without getting tired of it. He could listen to the same songs over and over for hours...and he likes to get a certain kind of slippers at a certain shop...

So off we went to MidValley Megamall, knowing that there was an outlet there where he could get his slippers. Hubby and the kids were still quite full because they had a late breakfast, so we decided to just have doughnuts for a simple lunch instead. Went to Big Apple Donuts and Coffee, and look what they had on promotion....



Doughnuts that look like sushi!

They were so cute and a pack of 18 donashi, that's what they are called (a blend of the words 'donut' and 'sushi') costs RM20. There were so many varieties and PreTeen wanted one of each. CoolTeen was happy with just the basic sugar-coated doughnut...not even very cute-looking doughnuts could make him try something different. Hubby, PreTeen and I shared the box of donashi but we couldn't finish them all in one sitting, so we were glad they came in a very nice plastic box...which I could re-use to display real sushi if I had to bring something for a potluck party :)

After lunch we went over to the other side of town - The Curve at Mutiara Damansara. I needed to collect a bracelet that I had sent for repairs because the clasp came off and hubby had fixed it wrongly. We tried to drop in at Houz Depot before that but parking space was severely limited and we gave up after driving a few rounds in the basement carpark.

At the Ikano Power Centre concourse there was a school holiday promotion for the KL Bird Park, with some very pretty birds on display (which I didn't manage to get very good photos of).




Must be age catching up with me...I used to be able to shop the whole day but nowadays my feet and back would start to ache after only a few hours of walking around (even when I am wearing my very comfy sandals). Had an early dinner at Uncle Lim's (a pretty popular place judging from the number of customers) and headed for home...much to CoolTeen's relief!

For once CoolTeen told us he knew the exact route back to the car and led the way...because when we came from the carpark earlier, we had to pass a few shops/places that sold certain apparels that would make any teenage boy's eyes open a little wider...if you know what I mean (wink!)


v a n i a said...

I missed shopping!!!!

most comfortable with order and routine.

Sounds like my brother. :P

we had to pass a few shops/places that sold certain apparels that would make any teenage boy's eyes open a little wider...if you know what I mean (wink!)

Oh yes. I know what you mean. xD

Sunny-Cookie said...

Stef would be more than happy to have you come shopping with us :D

...Really? Which brother?