Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What Any Problem?


Saw this notice posted on a parking payment machine.

It says "What any problem coogaa plz call 017******* thanks you!"

I frequent this place quite often and this machine turns faulty every once in a while, so I understand what it means... but I wonder if anyone, seeing it for the first time, can decipher this message?


v.ania. said...

OMG! I was talking about that to my brothers last week and I'm like 'Just translate that to BM and it'll sound perfectly alright.' xD

YuinTing said...

I just don't get it...!!??

Waht is "coogaa"?? Does it mean "juga"??

Wow, what a brain teaser!!

v.ania. said...

I thought coogaa is the person who's in charge of the machine. And then my brother pointed out that it's the name of that machine itself! xD

Sunny-Cookie said...

Ya, in BM it would be something like this: "Jika ada apa-apa masalah dengan mesin Coogaa sila telefon 017******* terima kasih!"