Monday, June 21, 2010

Made With Love

Celebrated Father's Day in church yesterday. The youths from the Youth Fellowship put up a special presentation on stage for the dads and the children from the Sunday School each made a card.

Card made by PreTeen for dad

Every year my kids would present hubby and I with handmade gifts for Father's Day and Mother's Day respectively, that was until CoolTeen turned 13 and graduated from Sunday School. Then he would send very nice SMSes to us instead.

I have kept all their handicrafts and this morning I decided to look for them from all over the house and take photos of them (in case I misplace them, being the messy person that I am!)...something for hubby and I to look back at when our kids grow up and go off to college/ university.

Mother's Day gift - butterfly made by CoolTeen when he was 10

Pop up cards by CoolTeen & PreTeen

Flower made from crepe paper, by CoolTeen

It says "Happy Father's Day. My love for you goes on and on and on"

A drawing by CoolTeen when he was little...and that's me!


V a n I a said...

Oh I remember making some of those stuff too!! And yes, everything stopped after my Sunday school days. xD

YuinTing said...

Those are precious and priceless gifts. Beautiful!

Sunny-Cookie said...

Hi Vania,
So does your mom keep all of them too? :D

Hi YuinTing,
Yes,got to enjoy them while I can, because next year I won't be getting them anymore when PreTeen becomes a full-fledged teenager!

v.ania. said...

She used to show us her collection and I'd like to think that she brought all of them over when we moved here. :D She used to say like 'I keep them so that I can show YOUR children in the future'. LOL