Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Of late my breadmaker has been jamming quite frequently (and I don't mean the musical definition of 'jam')...probably due to too much inactivity as I have been rather lazy in making my own bread, preferring to just buy from the bakery instead.

Whenever it happens I would ask hubby, my DIY guy, to fix it for me. He would open up the bottom cover, weave his magic with the screwdriver and my breakmaker would work again.

The other day I decided to bake some cheese buns and I had put all the ingredients into my breadmaker, switched on the machine and......nothing happened.

The motor had jammed again(!) and this time hubby was not at home to fix it for me, and it would a long while before he got home. So what was a mom to do but to take matters into her own hands...

1) Call hubby on his handphone and ask for instructions on how to fix the breadmaker. (He always told me that it was a simple matter. I didn't think it would be that difficult either, so I listen carefully)

2) Find hubby's toolbox in the store-room. (Why do guys like to buy so many toolboxes?? Hubby has THREE...oh,ok found the one with the gray cover). Open it and try to pick out the correct-size screwdriver.


3) Turn the breadmaker upside-down and unscrew the bottom cover.


4) Hubby said to loosen the motor belt by giving the screw a few turns.


5) Test the breadmaker to see if it would work, if not then turn the screw a few times to loosen it more (oops, a little over-enthusiastic there, almost unscrewed the whole thing!) If it worked then replace the bottom cover.


Voila! I did it(!)...and I'm reminded of the lyrics of the Bob The Builder song...

"Can we fix it? Yes, we can!!"

We moms have the ability to do anything we put our minds to...well, almost. (big grins).

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