Monday, August 16, 2010

Why Sunny-Cookie?

It's been slightly over 2 years since I started blogging...time sure flies! I remember cracking  my head over what to write for my very first took me such a long time to get the right words to express what I wanted to say. Of course it got easier and easier to write as time went by, but having a perfectionist streak in me meant that I would read and re-read dozens of times every word I type to make sure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes.

Never would I have imagined that I would get addicted to blogging and I am humbled by the fact that people from all over the world would drop by to read about my life as a  mom and the things that fascinate me.

Age is catching up and there are memories I want to note down before they slip from my experiences, my thoughts, what my kids did and said... but being the private person that I am I thought it best to use a pseudonym instead of my real name.
People do ask me, "Why Sunny-Cookie?"
It's quite simple really, I combined 2 of my favourite things...

1) a sunny day - I love sunny days when clouds in the blue sky look like little puffs of cotton.

2) cookie - I love cookies..any kind. Nothing quite compares to the smell of freshly baked cookies...mmmm. By the way, my favourite character in Sesame Street is the Cookie Monster.

...and so the name Sunny-Cookie was invented. There, now you know :)


janice said...

Having that perfectionist streak sounds all too familiar... haha... how've you been?

Sunny-Cookie said...

I'm fine. How are you...busy with work?