Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Something New In My Kitchen

Lately my kids have taken a liking to the McDonald's fried chicken and it  doesn't help that our neighbourhood McD is just about 1 minute's drive away from our house. After Add Maths tuition CoolTeen would say that he's hungry (I suppose all the thinking and solving equations makes one hungry) and ask his dad to use the Drive-Thru to buy McD fried chicken...and it's not cheap, 2 pieces cost about RM7 plus while I could buy a whole week's supply of chicken for CoolTeen's daily lunch for about RM8 plus.

PreTeen also loves the McD's fried chicken and has found a way to eat it without causing any damage to her teeth braces. Eating crunchy food has been quite a challenge since she had her braces fixed.

So to save some money I thought I should just make my own fried chicken instead. Using the wok would mean lots of oil being splattered all over the stove and floor, and I don't fancy doing so much mopping so late at night (CoolTeen's tuition reaches home around 11pm on the nights he has tuition,after making a detour to McD's of course). Jusco had this appliance on offer, so here is the latest addition to my collection of kitchen appliances....

an electric deep fryer :)

The cool thing about it is that not only is there no oil splatters everywhere because it has a cover and oil filter, all the food comes out just right because of the constant temperature...wow! I could never quite get my fried chicken the rich golden colour that it's supposed to be...most of my fried food is usually over or undercooked, so I'm really pleased with this fryer. It's worth every Ringgit spent.


Tonight's dinner.. my poor photo-taking skills did not do justice to the fried chicken...it actually looked much better than this and tasted great too. Now to wait for the electricity bill at the end of the month to see how much electricity this deep fryer consumes...


YuinTing said...

Nice gadget :-)

Recently my neighbour bought a microwave that can fry chicken wing without oil. How healthy!

Sunny-Cookie said...

I've read some articles about food cooked in microwave ovens being bad for health, don't know true or not, so I try not to use it too much nowadays. But I suppose deep frying food using my deep fryer is just as unhealthy :P