Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Black Thumb...How Sad!

We all know the meaning of green thumb, right? Well, I have just the opposite...People always tell me how easy it is to take care of cactus but I have not been successful in keeping my cactus alive for more than a few months. When we renovated our kitchen I asked hubby to design my kitchen window with a little space to grow small plants. What I envisioned would be a pretty little garden on my window sill has now become a graveyard for plants! (big sigh)

What used to be a thriving bean plant...

These were my favourite...now the one on the left has shriveled.

At least this money plant is still alive! (not sure for how long...)


ckchan7 said...

may they REST IN PEACE...
means u got no talent lo...
since u like garden so much...why not jus put fake flowers...?

Sunny-Cookie said...

I already have lots of fake plants...just thot I would try real plants for a change...haha