Saturday, December 27, 2008

Carolling Fa La La La La....


About 40 of us from our church went carolling (all dressed in red!) on 23rd December to spread some Christmas cheer. This year we had the biggest turn out for carolling and we went about in a convoy of 8 cars to 4 homes around Cheras area and Petaling Jaya. Was tiring but lots of fun as we sang and snacked at every stop.

We have 2 guitarists this year :)

Singing in the dark...should have brought along some torches!

Young and old alike...all sang at the top of our voices

Our very own special reindeer...with 2 sets of antlers! XD


Jonan Chan said...

aiyo...paiseh leh y my pic over there 1@.@!

Sunny-Cookie said...

no la, special ma... that's why I put it in my blog. No one else wear the antlers

Anonymous said...

mutated reindeer XD