Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Day In The Life Of A Mom

Yesterday the kids started school again after a 7-week break. Of course Mr CoolTeen and Miss PreTeen were rather sad that their holidays had come to an end...now it's back to homework and tuition classes again. And for me it's the end of sleeping in...sigh

What happened yesterday:

5 00 Wake Mr CoolTeen...had to give him a few smacks before he finally opens his eyes.
5 10 Prepare breakfast
5 40 Send Mr CoolTeen to friend's house to catch the bus with friend's son.

6 00 Reach home

6 00 - 6 20 Prepare breakfast for hubby and Miss PreTeen
6 30 Wake Miss PreTeen...it's easier to wake her up because she's a light-sleeper.
6 45 Tie Miss PreTeen's hair...grr! I think her hair has a mind of it's own!

7 00 Bid hubby and daughter goodbye (hubby sends Miss PreTeen to school before going to work), and hop back into bed for a short snooze :)

10 00 Go to son's school to get exercise books...can you believe it? I forgot all about buying his exercise books until Sunday!
10 45 - 11 15 Queue to buy books...wearing high heels,aargh!
11 45 Reach home and prepare lunch

13 00 Fetch daughter from school...man!The sun is scorching at this hour!
13 50 Fetch son from school

16 30 Send Miss PreTeen to tuition class
17 00 Prepare dinner...got distracted, burnt the honey chicken wings,oops!
18 00 Scrub burnt wok :(
18 30 Fetch daughter from tuition class
19 00 Dinner time!

20 00 Send Mr CoolTeen for tuition class
20 15 Line dance class...we moms need exercise, need to fit into our new clothes for Chinese New Year!
22 30 Fetch son from tuition

23 00 Alter the buckle on kids' uniforms...too loose
00 30 Sleep ZZzzzzz

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