Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Home To Home

Yesterday we went on a visiting spree...

Visited my parents first. We still carry on the tradition of serving tea to my parents before receiving our angpows. I don't think many families hold on to this tradition any more, so it's kind of special.
This is the tea set that my parents used on their wedding day to serve tea.

Then we went with my parents and brother to my aunt's house in Subang Jaya for lunch. My aunt loves to cook and there was so much food leftover! Took home some of her lovely cake and roast chicken.

Next we visited my cousin and his family, also in Subang Jaya. Had a wonderful time catching up. This cousin and I are only 1 year apart in age and we used to play together when we were little. It was fun reminiscing about the naughty things we did during Chinese New Year!

Later in the evening we went to my mom-in-law's sister's place in Segambut for dinner. Ate a lot...I think my new clothes are going to get tight very, very soon...with the way I am eating and eating!


杨 霓 said...

Wow!!! I also first time hear serving tea to parents before receiving angpows leh!! It usually do when wedding time!ha ....Not expert your family so traditional !!

Sunny-Cookie said...

We also used to serve tea to my grandma on Chinese New Year day and her traditional, ya!

ckchan7 said...

wahhhhh....serving tea???
never tried tat before...maybe my family too big (mum side)..Mum got 5 siblings. All also got children..if really serve tea...pity grandma..need to drink dunno how many cups of tea :S

and besides tat...we have a tradition or use to celebrate not just my mum's side family, but to celebrate 1 more generation upwards.means my grandpa's siblings punya family as well..grandpa's siblings also same like us..a lot of chiuldren and grand children..and each year rotate lo among my granpa's siblings which will become host.

sometimes...i also duno how to greet them...too 'far'..

Sunny-Cookie said...

everybody around your parents' age will be uncle/aunty lor :)