Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cute Beary Stuff

I notice that I seem to have quite a number of teddy bear decoration items around my house. Most of these are gifts from friends, except for the tissue box cover which I bought from Sungei Wang. I suppose there's nothing like a cute, cuddly teddy bear to chase the blues away.

Teddy bear items on my display shelf...gifts from friends

Teddy bear hook where I hang my bunch of....bananas!

The teddy bear tissue box cover I bought to match all the other teddy bear items

This one is my favourite, a Christmas present from one of my students, and he sits on my piano :)

Speaking of cute stuff, have a look at these videos of a little girl singing "The Lord's Prayer" and "Amazing Grace". For a 2 year old, she certainly sings with a lot of passion!

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