Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trying Out New Recipes

My lunch-buddy MK bought this recipe book from Popular Bookstore.It has very simple but unusual cake recipes...using fruits and electric mixer required. We tried baking the sweet potato cake last week and it turned out great.


She lent me the book and today I thought I'd try the apple cake recipe, but since my cake pans were too large for such a small quantity of batter I turned it into apple cupcakes instead.


Tried icing them too, but looks like I added a wee bit too much's supposed to be pink...err, anyone for red cupcakes...?


v a n i a said...

what icing is that? it seems so smooth, contrary to the icing that i made :P

Sunny-Cookie said...

got the recipe from that book, but it's actually icing for cakes. Wouldn't recommend it for cupcakes because it's really gooey and sticky...only realised it when I ate the cupcake :(