Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hit n Run

The weather was terribly hot today... Miss PreTeen and I decided to go to the nearby shops and buy some ice-cream. There was no parking space available so I had to circle the block, and when I came round again I spotted a place to park, hurray!

So we went into the shop, bought the ice-cream, and as I was walking back to the car I noticed something.....

One of my tail lights was broken....nooooooo!!



A HIT AND RUN...couldn't have happened today because of the position I had parked...probably happened yesterday (ya ya, it takes me that long to realise I have a broken tail light!) When I fetch my daughter from school I usually park quite a distance away to escape getting stuck in the daily traffic jam on the road leading out from the school. Then I would walk to the school gate and wait for PreTeen to come out and then walk back to the car. I remember my car alarm ringing when I returned to the car with my daughter, but I thought that maybe I had accidently pressed the wrong button on the remote control as I approached the car.

Hubby says it looks like damage from the handle of a motorbike. These motorcyclists and moms travel about quite recklessly when their kids are late for school!

In the meantime my poor baby has a patch of laminating tape stuck to it to prevent water from getting into the least temporarily :(

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