Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ladies' Day Out

Characters: 1 owner of a newly opened music school
1 tai-tai with 4 sons
4 piano teachers living in KL/Selangor
1 piano teacher living in Dubai
Venue: Mid Valley Megamall
Scene 1: Lunch at Little Penang Cafe at 1 pm.
7 ex-colleagues meeting up because the piano teacher in Dubai is back in Malaysia with her family for a short holiday. Lots of excited chatter about anything and everything under the sun as they haven't seen each other in quite a while. The restaurant is packed but the food is just average.
The ladies eat and chit chat until 2.45 pm when all the other customers have left and the waiter is wondering when these ladies will leave so that he can clear the table.
Finally, one of the ladies ask for the bill and quickly pays with her credit card. The others insist on paying for their share and everyone starts taking out Ringgit notes from their handbags. The one who paid with the credit card refuses to accept the cash from the others and a game of passing the money (something like 'passing the parcel') begins and nobody wants to be the one holding the money. They then decide to adjourn to Tony Roma's for tea and coffee and spend all the cash there.
Scene 2: Tea time at Tony Roma's
Hot beverage (tea, coffee and hot chocolate) is priced at 50sen after 3 pm (it's true!), so the ladies get a table at Tony Roma's at 2.50pm and wait until 3 pm before ordering (talk about being kiasu!) They also order a few side dishes - a salad, onion rings and shrimp pasta. The portions are HUGE but all the non-stop chatter burns lots of calories and makes them hungry... and thirsty. A few of them will really be wide awake tonight, having consumed a few cups of tea each.
2 of the ladies go out to the nearby kuih stall to get some more food. The writer of this script has to leave early to teach a class so she presumes that after consuming more food and drinks, the rest of the ladies also depart for home...having had a REALLY fun day meeting up with old friends...burp!! oops,excuse me

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