Saturday, April 17, 2010

Can't Resist A Good Bargain

A young friend posted a card last week and it was supposed to reach me in time for my birthday last Sunday, but guess what...I only received it yesterday.

This was popped into the postbox on 8th April, reached the post office on 13th April (!), arrived in my letterbox on 16th April (!!)

BUT it was very thoughtful of her to send a snail mail card instead of just sending an e-greeting, which seems to be the norm these days :)

There's a sale at Macy's and I have a member card, so I went over to their store in Serdang to have a look and to update my member details as they are going cardless soon. The ottoman which is priced at RM59 is on offer for RM19.90 to members, so look what I brought home...

...something which does NOT match any of my furniture...but hey, it was a good buy! Now I'm wondering what to do with it...ermm, anyone need an ottoman?


v a n i a said...

13 APRIL?! What kind of lousy service is that?!

I prefer sending snail mail. :D So much more personal.

Sunny-Cookie said...

I haven't received snail mail cards in such a long time. Thanks, appreciate it :)