Monday, April 19, 2010

Mom The Cobbler

There are many things that a mom needs to do...cook and clean, fetch kids to and from school, make Milo, kill cockroaches, to name a few. Today I have added another job to the list...fixing shoes, ballet slippers to be more precise.

My daughter, Miss PreTeen, took her Grade 5 ballet exam last Tuesday and is now starting the Inter-Foundation grade where she has to use pointe shoes. Her normal ballet slippers cost RM60, so I thought that the new shoes wouldn't cost very much more...I couldn't be more costs THREE times more...!

It also comes in bits and pieces, like a jigsaw that I need to assemble.


the basic pair of slippers


the little leather pieces to protect the tip of the slippers


the very long pink ribbon

Step 1: Take the slippers to the cobbler and get him to stick the little leather pieces onto the tips of the slippers with very strong glue. Hubby volunteered to glue it on since he had some elephant glue, but PreTeen didn't quite trust his skills...nothing could be more embarassing in ballet class than having her slippers fall apart while dancing...


Got it done at the professional cobbler for RM3.

Step 2: Cut the ribbon into 4 equal pieces and seal the edges with fire.


PreTeen kept a watchful eye making sure I didn't burn the whole piece of ribbon!

Step 3: Sew the ribbons onto the slippers.

My sewing skills aren't great, as you can see from the untidy stitches, but I suppose no one will notice since it's on the inside of the slippers ;)

TADAA...all done!


Hopefully nothing comes apart during her next ballet lesson when she's wearing them! (fingers crossed)


杨 霓 said...

wa !!! you done it already!!

Sunny-Cookie said...

Hi Nini,

Ya I thought I better do it early, if I make a mistake I can still correct it before ballet class :D