Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunday Shopping Fun

Miss PreTeen had her ballet class in PJ on Sunday, to practise at the dance studio where her ballet exam would be conducted. After dropping her off, hubby and I went over to The Curve for a spot of shopping. There is a morning market there on Sundays, with stalls selling all kinds of things from pajamas to paintings on canvas, but mostly ladies' clothes. I wanted to get a stainless steel bracelet to replace the one which I lost a few months back (still heartbroken over it). I had bought it from a stall at this market.
Managed to get a new bracelet, plus a treble clef pendant (which I have been trying to get for the longest time) and a pair of rings for hubby and myself (did I mention that we love to buy rings?)...I just adore stainless steel jewellery...very happy with my purchases since we only had an hour to shop before heading back to the dance school to fetch PreTeen.

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