Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Goat's Milk Soap

My mom always taught me to take good care of the skin on my face. She's now into her 70's and her friends always marvel at how she looks much younger than her age, and she doesn't use expensive branded products.

I usually cleanse, tone and moisturise religiously on a daily basis, which means that I have quite a number of bottles on the shelf in my bathroom. I wish there was one product that could substitute them all...

One day while browsing in a shop selling organic foodstuff and toiletries, someone gave me a small piece of lavender face soap sample to try. I found that the soap cleaned my face really well, removing all my make up instantly and afterwards my skin didn't feel tight like it usually does when I use my regular facial wash.

However, that soap was made in China and my friend MK reminded me to be wary of products from that country..."don't know what they put in it", she said. I suppose if melamine could be added to baby formula then some extra stuff could be added to that piece of soap...? I wasn't going to take any chances with my face.

One day my brother mentioned that he was starting a business with a friend selling all natural goat's milk soap, sourced from Kuching, Sarawak. Hmm...locally made soap sounded much more appealing to me...after all, we have lots of goats in our country so why not make use of all that milk :)

He gave me a bar of soap to try...a honey and oatmeal soap for my dry skin.

I tried it...

I like it!

It removes my make up instantly...even my water-proof mascara (I believe that women should always wear water-proof mascara...ever seen mascara running down a woman's face when she gets emotional? eww!) My skin felt great after that and I was tempted to skip the moisturiser too...but the wrinkles on my face needed some erasing so I can't skip the wrinkle cream :(

Did some research on the internet about goat's milk soap and found that it has a lot of benefits, but the main concern I have is that commercial cleansers, toners and moisturisers contain lots of chemicals...just take a look at the long list of ingredients at the back of each tube or bottle...and multiply that by the number of products that is used daily...kinda scary to see how many different types of chemicals I apply to my face on a daily basis! (Being the vain-pot that I am, I have 2 different kinds of make-up removers, a foaming facial wash, toner and 2 kinds of moisturisers!)

By the way, the goat's milk soap is priced at RM13 (think of how cheap it is compared to all the cleansers and toners that we buy) and it comes in various formulation for different skin types. There's even one specially formulated for men!

Would like to give goat's milk soap a try? Contact Jason at 019-2319088 and he'll be happy to recommend a suitable soap for your skin type :)

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