Friday, May 27, 2011

Found It!

I have been hunting all over town for an 'Angry Bird' t-shirt, from shopping malls to the pasar malam, without much success...until today.

I was at The Mines shopping mall when from afar I spotted the familiar red angry-looking  feathered blob on a black t-shirt hanging at a stall across from the cineplex. There were also other colours and a choice of  3 designs but I had seen this design that I liked on a local website and had really, really wanted to get it...but it was RM55 plus postage, and I was unwilling to part with RM55 without knowing if the t-shirt would fit...after all, it's quite difficult to determine the exact fit through pictures on the internet even though measurements are given.

And I am glad I didn't buy the t-shirt through the internet because this one that I bought only costs RM19 (big smiles).

Cool, right?


Lily Luna Potter said...

which shop is it??

Sunny-Cookie said...

Hi Lily,
It's just a small stall selling T-shirts,same floor as the cinema, but a few days after I bought my T-shirt I went back again to get another one and they were all sold out!