Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Little Home Improvement

The weather these days has been rather extreme - it's either scorching heat or thunderstorms. For a person blessed with an over-abundance of sweat glands like me, this means that I create a puddle whenever I stand still on the days that the temperature soars above 30 degrees Celsius...sigh.

Hubby and I were at Viva Home Centre with SweetTeen the other day when we came across some shops selling those large showerheads which are the current trend. Hubby has always liked these showerheads because it's like taking a shower in the rain and our current tiny little showerhead and low water pressure makes showering a chore rather than a pleasure.

Our kitchen tap and shower in the master bedroom share the water supply from the main pipe, so if someone is washing dishes in the sink there will be very little water supply to our pity the person who has a head full of shampoo in the shower and suddenly there's only a small trickle of water coming out from the showerhead...!

The large showerheads on display in the shops were rather costly, around RM1000 and above, but we found this DIY shop that sold them for only RM400...just because it's manufactured locally (the expensive ones are imported). They also have this water heater which comes with a double pump to go with it, perfect for bathrooms with low water pressure...which made it even more tempting for us. We had set aside some money to get our house painted, so it was now a decision between getting a new coat of paint or a showerhead plus water-heater...

...and the money goes to the...

The house will just have to be painted some other time. For now I am going to enjoy 'raindrops' falling on my head :)

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