Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Second Baking Class

I've been hit with a sudden urge to bake ever since I bought these delicious macarons from Bread Delicious, a bakery in Viva, the new home furnishing mall at Jalan Loke Yew.

I looked up the internet and researched some recipes, then tried baking my own macarons. They didn't turn out so well, so that made me even more determined to get it right. Went to the baking supplies shop last week and saw a notice that there was going to be a class on  how to bake macarons...signed up without much thought.

Went for the class this afternoon... this is my second baking class, the first one I attended last year was to learn how to decorate cupcakes with fondant figurines, which was so much fun! This time I was a little disappointed that the chef used premix powder instead of teaching us to bake the macarons from scratch, just because he was promoting this Puratos brand of premix powders for cakes, cupcakes and macarons. Anyway, he also showed us how to make pralines (chocolate with fillings) as well as a moist layered chocolate cake and gave lots of tips about baking that I can't get from cookbooks, so it was worth the RM30 that I paid.

Chef Sheng piping the macarons with much skill...all the pieces were exactly the same size!

Chocolate pralines with banana custard filling
Chocolate layered cake with choco ganache and banana custard filling...the yummiest chocolate cake I have tasted in a long while:)
Freshly baked macarons with filling
After I make a perfect batch of macarons I plan to make Angry Birds cupcakes...already bought all the ingredients :)


shi-ern said...

Angry Birds cupcakes! That should be interesting. Remember to post progress pic! :D

Sunny-Cookie said...

Sure, for you to see...since you were the one who gave me the idea :)