Friday, May 6, 2011

Daily Bumpy Ride

My car suspension seems to need changing quite often these days and I think I know what the problem is (of course hubby would say that it is due to my bad driving)...speed bumps!

The distance from my house to my kids' school is about 2 km and within that 2 km stretch of road I have counted 15 speed bumps...yup, 15 of them...that's about 1 every 130m! Of course speed bumps are good, especially in housing areas and near the school gate...but this is overdoing it, don't you think? There seems to be an obsession with speed bumps nowadays...they can just appear overnight and some poor unsuspecting motorist would fly right over a newly-made one and get a shock of her life (speaking from my own experience) because it doesn't get painted until the following week or so.

So instead of producing cars with more powerful engines I suppose our local car manufacturers should produce cars with a superior suspension system to give us a more comfortable what would be a good name for that car...Suspenza? lol

One day when the Majlis Perbandaran workers get carried away....

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