Monday, August 11, 2008

Durians in my Tummy

Hooray! I get to eat durians...finally!! My parents-in-law went to Raub, Pahang with some friends yesterday to visit a durian orchard, and came home with RM80 worth of durians. My mom-in-law called this morning to ask me to come over and have some durians. Of course I went as soon as I could!


When I reached there my dad-in-law was already opening the durians in the kitchen.


They even packed some in a plastic container for me to bring home, and made sure that it was sealed tightly so that it wouldn't make the car smell of durian. I think I have the best parents-in-law in the world!! ...burp


Did you know that if you freeze durians, they taste like very smooth ice-cream? Yummy!

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杨 霓 said...

Yeah!! I like durian!